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JCVD (2008) (Dir. Mabrouk El Mechri)

Twin Peaks (1991)

That’s what the fuck I’m talking about.

Jeff Edge looking as dashing as ever this New Year’s Eve at Gold Manor.
Albuquerque, NM 

Russ Rankin

Edge: Perspectives on Drug Free Culture (Dir. Michael Kirchner & Marc Pierschel) 

Ian MacKaye

Edge: Perspectives on Drug Free Culture (2009) (Dir. Michael Kirchner & Marc Pierschel)

When I was a kid, maybe 8 or 9, I would go to my friend Dominic’s house after school and we would look through his brother’s stuff. Among his things, he had copies of Lowrider magazine. We became obsessed with it very quickly. We would copy all of the art. We drew the Lowrider guy on all of our folders. We drew cars and dreamed about submitting them to the magazine and making it in an issue. We practiced graffiti and calligraphy in our composition books right next to our homework. Over the years, as I became interested in other things, I stopped drawing and writing. I always regret not keeping it going because I got really good at it in my later elementary school years. When I got home tonight, after cleaning like crazy, I found an old notebook with some of that stuff in it. I got bored and decided to start practicing again. I’m not saying this is good, but it’s hilarious and it lifted my mood ten fold. I hope this ends up on the pocket of a t-shirt or something hahahaha. So sick.

Another State of Mind (1984) (Dir. Adam Small & Peter Stuart)